The Coolest Zoo And Aquarium Webcams To Watch While You Stay Inside During The Coronavirus Outbreak. Do It For The Eels!

We’ve all been stuck at home for the past few weeks, trying to stay healthy during the COVID19 outbreak. I know it’s hard and frustrating. But we do hard, frustrating things all the time. Ever try to put on a fitted bedsheet? Then you know the struggle is real. 

People have turned to all sorts of diversions to keep busy while we stay inside — from doing puzzles to bread-baking to binge-watching our favorite shows. But there’s one amazing activity you can do that you may not know about: watching animals on zoo webcams. What’s better than devouring freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies while lounging on your sofa in yoga pants you haven’t taken off in 9 days? Watching a group of adorable cheetah cubs frolic at the same time!

But you’re not just tuning in to the animal antics for your own enjoyment. No, you’re also helping these animals. Case in point, an aquarium in Japan recently asked people to tune in to their livestream “chat” with their garden eels to help the eels deal with the isolation they’re experiencing since the aquarium had to social-distance itself from visitors.

Garden eels are super shy. They need constant human interaction or they’ll start hiding in their little holes all the time. And while hiding in a hole might sound like a peaceful place to be right now, it’s not great for the garden eels. The eels need to poke their heads out now and again so their keepers can do health checks. So making sure these eels keep their heads out of the sand will literally save their lives. Which brings us to how we can help. That’s right, we need you to binge-watch these eels.

Check out some (or all) of these amazing, free webcams to see your favorite animals being their adorable selves. Watching animals can be incredibly relaxing and help lower your stress levels. And while you’re enjoying all the furry and feathery and scaly fun, why not donate to these organizations? They depend on visitors to fund their animal conservation programs. And with zoos and aquariums closed right now, they need your donations badly. So please donate, if you can.

Now let’s start watching some amazing animals!

The National Zoo in Washington, DC

The Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, CA

The San Diego Zoo, San Diego CA

The Houston Zoo, Houston, TX

The Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA

Big Cat Rescue, Tampa, FL

The Beardsley Zoo, Bridgeport, CT

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