About Us

GLEEK \ glēk \ verb – to make a pointed joke; jest; roast. 

Gleek celebrates the people, places, and things we love by poking fun at them. The satire website was founded by Jessica Scott, Erik Patterson, and Steve Zehngut in 2019, when we noticed the Internet didn’t have any satirical comedy websites. 

Will you learn a fun fact by reading Gleek? Hopefully. Will you laugh? We don’t know, but we’ll tell our advertisers you do. Nothing is too big, too small, or too sacred. If people are talking about it, we’ll Gleek it. Also, we have a category called Hall & Oates, so there’s that. 

The Gleek Team

Jessica Scott

Jessica Scott is the Co-Founder, Editor, and Head Writer for Gleek. She also writes for TV, movies, and comics. She’s won the Writer’s Guild Award and the Humanitas Prize, and has been nominated for several Emmy Awards. Fun fact: Jessica once killed a dude by drowning him in mud. She killed another dude by dumping baby sharks on him in the shower. Oh, then there’s that time she killed a dude during a musical production of Hansel & Gretel. I should mention these are all fictional dudes, but hey, a girl can dream.

Erik Patterson

Erik Patterson writes for film, TV, theater, and now the internet! He has written two Cinderella Story movies (the Selena Gomez one and the Lucy Hale one) and a Deep Blue Sea movie (the one where a shark eavesdrops on the bad guy), and he’s been nominated for two Emmys (for writing a show about possessed cheese puffs). Erik recently wrote Handjob, which premieres soon at the Echo Theater Company. He hopes you’ll come, but not like that. Erik is a graduate of Occidental College, and yes, he did the math, there is a 1 in 70 chance he and Obama had the same dorm room. 

Steve Zehngut

Steve founded Zeek Interactive in 1995 and he has been the creative technologist behind the Huntington Beach based company since its inception. Under his direction, Zeek has grown from an apartment bedroom to one of Southern California’s leading web agencies. Steve is the organizer of the OC WordPress Meetup and has helped build the community to over 2,100 members. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has taught interactive courses at UC Irvine, USC, the American Film Institute, and Cal State Long Beach. Steve has a BA in Film from Cal State Northridge.

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