GSA: Stop Offering Unwanted Milk To Women Posing For Stock Photos


Got milk? More like: Got lawsuit? That’s what we should ask these male stock photo models who keep offering unwanted glasses of milk to women. 

Look, male milk dudes, women don’t want your unsolicited milk. It’s a bad trend that needs to end. If Woman Rejecting a Glass of Milk Offered By Person wants a glass of milk, she’ll tell you. And if Woman Rejecting a Glass of Milk Offered By Person says she doesn’t want a glass of milk, she’s doesn’t want a glass of milk. That shouldn’t be such a difficult concept to grasp.

But it looks like this Hand Offering Woman A Glass of Milk didn’t get the memo. So let’s say it again, for the stock photo models in the back. When a woman says she doesn’t want milk, she isn’t being coy about her dairy needs. She isn’t playing some sort of flirtatious milk game. When a woman tells you “I’m not in the mood for milk,” or “no thanks, not for me,” or simply “no,” she means what she says. Don’t try to convince her otherwise. Believe her. She understands her milk needs better than you ever will. 

Here’s the thing: “no milk” always means “no milk,” no matter what the situation.

Let’s consider another scenario. Maybe you’ve been told your milk’s really special. Maybe you’ve got a glass of oat milk. It’s lactose-free, vegan, high in protein, low in fat, and tasty as heck. And you’re super polite as you ask “can I please pour you a glass?” 

Now, Woman Suffering From Stomach Pain (Dairy Intolerance Concept Image) might not feel comfortable saying no in this situation. Woman Suffering From Stomach Pain (Dairy Intolerance Concept Image) might think to herself, How hard is it to drink a glass of milk? I might as well just drink it and get it over with. She might even say, “okay, sure, I’ll drink your milk.” But if her body language looks like this…

…she doesn’t want your glass of milk. 

I can already hear you complaining about mixed milk messages, but we all have the right to change our minds about whether we want a glass of milk or not. You’ll argue, “But milk does a body good!” And you might be right. But only when the body consents to being done good. 

So to all the male stock photo milk dudes out there, please keep your dairy in its carton. And for God’s sake, never, EVER, send unsolicited milk pics.

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