Drawstring Pants, or When You Want Your Clothes to Live Dangerously

Pants come in all shapes and sizes, and in every material imaginable. They can be fancy, they can be smarty, and they can have ants. There are hot pants, parachute pants, and pants on fire. But perhaps the most important addition to the world of pants was the Drawstring. Because who doesn’t love the feeling that your pants could literally unravel at any moment?

Most people associate the birth of the drawstring pant with the 1970s. But drawstring pants have been around a lot longer than that. The oldest known pair of drawstring-enhanced trousers were discovered in an ancient Yanghai graveyard in Western China, after archaeologists uncovered the bodies of two nomadic herders who lived about 3300 years ago. 

The men were wearing ancient wool trousers that resembled modern riding pants, with straight-fitting legs, a wide crotch, and strings for fastening at the waist. The pants were thought to provide protection while riding their horses, as well as freedom of movement during mounted warfare. Not to mention that perfect “I keep my pants on with a cute little bow” attitude.

So what makes drawstring pants so awesome? For one, they have that odd combination of comfort and sex appeal. Am I on my way to a key party at Bob and Carol’s house at the end of the cul-de-sac? Or am I just doing a little topless shopping like those two fashion vanguards in white linen pictured above? All of these things are possible — and let’s face, likely — when you’re wearing drawstring pants.

Drawstring pants are also super versatile. They can tie up the front, or up the side, with balloons or without. Maybe they’ll stay on. Maybe they won’t. Live your best life, I say.

We all have busy schedules. Who has the time to button or zip or snap? With drawstring pants, tie a loose bow and you’re good to go. They’re also great when you’re drunk and perhaps a tad confused about how to get your pants on. The name of the pants tells you what to do. Step one: draw string. And you’re done.

It should be noted that Patron Saint of Gleek Dot Com, John Oates, knew how to rock a drawstring like few other mortal men. You don’t need a treasure trail to pull off drawstring pants like John, but it’s a nice touch.

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