San Diego Comic-Con: Don’t Cry Because It’s Crowded, Smile Because You Smelled It

You may have noticed all your geek friends talking about San Diego Comic Con this week. That’s because San Diego Comic Con is the greatest con in the world. That’s right, New York Comic Con, I said it. Fight me. Wait! Don’t fight me, I’m a nerd and my skin bruises faster than an overripe peach. 

San Diego Comic Con is known for a lot of things. Amazing panels, superb cosplay, epic lines for Hall H, and a dealer’s room filled with miles of toys, comics and Dancing Groot Funkos. But SDCC is also known for a less appealing reason: the smell.

Comic Con takes places in mid-July, which means it’s hot in San Diego. Now pack in 150,000 sweaty, excited, and (at times) desperate people, and you have the recipe for some major comic con stank.

As an SDCC reg, I have experienced eau de comic con first hand. It’s a memorable mix of body odor, sour milk, and the faint hint of pee. Every year people write blogs reminding con attendees to shower and use deodorant and eat a piece of fruit now and then, in an effort to ward off the impending super stink. 

But here at Gleek, we accept that smells happen at Comic Con. Instead of complaining about the bad ones, make it your quest to find the fun funks while you’re there. Collect ‘em all!

Maybe you’ll run across Grimace Thanos and his Infinity Oven Glove.

If you’re lucky, he’ll be armed with a Shamrock Shake. Take a deep whiff of that minty green goo before he snaps his fingers and destroys everyone you hold dear.

Perhaps you’ll find yourself in the Upside Down (aka Hall H) with this adorable Eleven cosplayer from Stranger Things. That’s some Eggo waffle-smelling goodness we can all enjoy.

What smells better: the adorably-branded breakfast food or this more-recently-bathed-than-anyone-else-at-the-con toddler? Can’t the answer be both?

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for Slave Leia chowing down on a Subway footlong.

Because there’s nothing more pleasant than the smell of freshly baked bread that may or may not be made with plastic. Unless Subway is an advertiser on this site, in which case their bread is absolutely plastic-free.

So if you find yourself at Comic Con this year, don’t get down if you feel like you’re surrounded by people cosplaying as Oscar the Grouch’s trash can. Just keep looking for that one dude dressed as Jimmy Buffett from Jurassic World, and take a big whiff of those ice-cold, lime margaritas.

Because that’s a smell worth being eaten by a T-Rex.

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