Even Animals Love To Cosplay Their Princess Leia Buns Off At Comic Con!

Hey Gleeksters! It’s the 3rd week in July, so you know what that means, right? It’s time for San Diego Comic Con! For the seven of you who may not have heard, SDCC is the Con of Cons. The biggest and bestest of all comic conventions. A place where you can safely geek out on all your comic, film, and TV obsessions. The nerd Mothership, if you will. 

It started in 1970, when a group of sci-fi, comics, and movie fans decided to host a little comic book convention in sunny San Diego. That adorbs mini-con drew about 100 attendees. But over the last five decades, SDCC has expanded into a 5-day pop culture mega-event that now draws around 150,000 people every year. 

Full disclosure: I love San Diego Comic Con, and I go every year. One of my favorite things to do is watch all the amazing cosplay that happens in and around the con. People can spend a whole year getting their costumes ready. I mean, there’s no denying this dude is Leeloo from The Fifth Element.

Everybody at SDCC gets into the fun. But recently I’ve noticed an uptick in cosplayers getting their pets in on the action too. Which has me saying: “I love you 3000, Iron Dog!”

But this super pupper got me thinking. Why should pets get all the fun? What about the wild animals out there? Don’t they want to dress up as their favorite pop culture character and celebrate all the geeky awesomeness of Comic Con with the rest of us? Well, apparently they do, and we just haven’t been paying attention. Because there’s a whole world of wild animal cosplay happening right under our glued-on Thanos chins.

I mean, you can’t deny how hard that frog above is rocking the iconic Princess Leia look from Star Wars: A New Hope. But what about this behatted jumping spider?

Is she cosplaying as Mysterio from Spiderman: Far From Home? Or is she getting her Game of Thrones on as Olenna Tyrell of House Tyrell? Maybe all she really wants is for Cersei to know it was her. Either way, I’m down for it.

Apparently animals have been into cosplay for a while now. Who can forget this amazing Splinter cosplay from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? The pizza prop is a particularly rad touch.

But there’s one animal in particular that dominates the wild kingdom cosplay, and that’s the crab. Whether it’s Knives Chao from Scott Pilgrim

…or Chief Hopper from Stranger Things

…or Babyface from Toy Story

One thing is for certain. Crabs know how to fucking cosplay. And for that, we salute them!

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